The harvest of wild plants has begun to get crazy here in Wallowa county. We have nettles, comfrey, and plantain dried and ready for our oil infusions. The yarrow is abundant and in bloom, the St. John's wort ready at any moment and will be next! The wildflowers are still breath taking, the birds are singing, the rivers raging, and the mountains sparkling. We thank you for visiting our site and for supporting a small town, family owned business. We wouldn't be here if you weren't. If you find yourself in the area, please do stop by!

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  • Rhubarb Cordial

    Earlier this week, while sipping a delicious cocktail on the front porch with friends, we were inspired to make rhubarb cordial. I sliced up a whole bunch, packed it in a jar, and added the zest of one meyer lemon and a few star anise pods. I covered it with our grape brandy (you can sub with 100 proof vodka), capped it tightly and put it on the kitchen table. I will keep it there for a month and shake it every day, checking to make sure that the rhubarb is still covered with alcohol. After one month I will strain off the plant material and add some sugar. I don't usually add a lot - but with rhubarb I would add at least a cup to a quart of alcohol. Then store in a dark place for several months. You can sip on this full strength, or add 1/2 shot to 2 shots Hendrix Gin for a delicious bevie. Ode to joy!

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